A True Portrait

Graduation isn’t far away and now is the time that we start to get calls like this:

“Umm… we had our son (or daughter’s) senior portraits taken at their school, and we hate them.”

You kid only graduates high school once, so it’s definitely an occasion worth marking. But it’s not worth paying out of whazooo for lame pictures you despise. People are often shocked to find that our prices (especially on reprints) are dramatically cheaper than the traditional senior portrait racket. This is partially because as a small business, we have very low overhead, but it’s partially because people have just always paid a lot for senior portraits because they didn’t think they had a choice. Well, you do!

Senior Portrait Girl Senior Portrait BoySenior PortraitSenior Portrait Girl Farm








A great senior portrait should, above all, showcase the personality of the graduate.  How do you manage that?

  • Get the mandatory cap and gown pic, but also go for pictures in outfits that they like – they’ll feel more comfortable, which means a much better photo.  And to heck with photographers that charge you per outfit or limit wardrobe changes.  That’s just nickle-and-dime-ing.
  • Go WHERE they want – feature scenery that is meaningful to them such as the football field where he scored that amazing touchdown, the horse farm where she rode after school each week, or even the yard of your home.  These places have wonderful memories and will help to give the graduate (and photo) more expression.
  • Tie in some props that are significant – seniors have often dedicated years of their young lives to honing their skills at basketball, dancing, music and other passions, so why not reflect that?
  • Let them take the lead.  Teens are often amazingly full of themselves and yet blindingly self-conscious, all at the same time.  And sometimes a helpful suggestion from mom or dad can be perceived as a nagging insult – and result in frustration.

Overall, senior pics are a great time to capture one of those last fleeting moments of youth… and before you know it, you’ll be angsting about their wedding photos.


What’s your take? Share your tips and comments!




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